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TWRT - Certificate in Teaching of Writing

Program Title

Teaching Writing

Program Type


Degree Designation


Program Description

This certificate in the Teaching of Writing is designed to enable teachers of all levels the opportunity to use research and theory to foster a vision of literacy learning as an active social process in which students become engaged writers.


Required Courses (4 Courses)

At least 1 course from the following:

  • course - Theory and Practice of Teaching Composition

  • course - Inquiry in Literacy Instruction (National Writing Project Summer Institute)

  • course - Teachers as Writers

  • course - Writing Fellows Advanced Practicum

Additional courses can be taken from above or within the following categories:

Writing Pedagogy

  • course - Developing Writers for Social Justice

  • course - Writing Center Theory & Practice

  • course - Developing Digital and Media Literacies

  • course - Contemporary Literacy Instruction

Teacher as Writer (Maximum 1 Course)

  • course - Writing to Heal

  • course - Poetry Workshop

  • course - Fiction Workshop

  • course - Creative Writing

  • course - Imagining History

  • course - Fiction and Non-Fiction: From Concept to Written Form

  • course - Memoir Writing Workshop

  • course - Creative Nonfiction Workshop

  • course - Playwriting

*Students may also complete one class requirement through the PD Pathway.