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TS - Certificate in Graduate Theological Studies

Program Title

CERTG: Graduate Theological Studies

Program Type


Degree Designation


Program Description

The Graduate Theological Studies certificate provides an introduction to the basic theological foundations of the Christian tradition. The biblical, historical, and theological disciplines are introduced in courses infused with Drew’s mission and shared values. This certificate can be combined with the Certificate in United Methodist Studies to meet the Basic Graduate Theological Studies requirements for Deacon’s orders in the United Methodist Church.


Students in the Graduate Theological Studies Certificate program (TS) complete 12 credit hours through the following courses:

I. Required Courses (12 credits)

  • course - Biblical Literature I: Torah, Prophets, Writings OR course - Hebrew Bible: Torah and Former Prophets

  • course - Biblical Literature II: Gospels, Epistles, Apocalypse OR course - New Testament: Narratives

  • course - Systematic Theology OR course - Constructive Theology

  • course - History of Western Christianity