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INPB - Certificate in Interfaith Peacebuilding

Program Title

CERTG: Interfaith Peacebuilding

Program Type


Degree Designation


Program Description

The Certificate in Interfaith Peacebuilding provides training in peace and conflict studies, mediation, conflict management, and interfaith engagement. Drawing upon curricular strengths in the Conflict Resolution program and the Theological School’s core curriculum, this program is available as a stand alone graduate certificate and may also be completed concurrently with a graduate degree for currently matriculated Drew masters students.


Students in the Interfaith Peacebuilding Certificate program (INPB) complete 15 credit hours through the following courses:

I. Required Courses (9 credits)

Caspersen School of Graduate Studies Courses:

  • course - Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies 

  • course - Mediation and Conflict Management

Theological School Course:

  • course - Global Faiths and the Earth

II. Electives (6 credits)

6 credits from Theological School courses with the INTF attribute or the Caspersen School in the subject CRES. Students are encouraged to take one course as a problem-based learning course or internship.