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Registration and Changes in Registration

All Caspersen students either must be enrolled in courses of study or must pay continuous registration fees in order to be considered students who are proceeding toward a degree in the Caspersen School. Once students have completed coursework they must be registered for Continuous Registration.

If the student is not registered for Continuous Registration, the student must have an approved Leave of Absence.

PhD students who successfully complete their final oral examination of the dissertation and submit all required paperwork before commencement or before the first day of the Spring Semester will not be required to maintain matriculation for the following semester in order to graduate.

Registration is available at times announced by the Office of the Registrar. Please refer to the Policy for Active Students Enrolled in a Degree Program Who Are Not Registered for students who do not register during the appropriate time frame.

Students may add courses during the first week of classes and in the second week with the consent and permission of the instructor. No course may be added after the end of the second week of classes. Courses dropped between the end of the second week and the end of the ninth week of classes are graded “W”. Courses dropped after the ninth week are graded “F”. Students may petition the Graduate Academic Standing Committee for changes in registration that do not meet these regulations but must document extraordinary circumstances.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for important dates such as first day of classes, add/drop deadline, deadline for course withdrawal.

Additional information about registration can be found on the Registrar’s website.

Administrative Withdrawal from Courses

Students review the Financial Obligation Agreement every six months prior to accessing registration. As stated in this agreement, if a student fails to pay their student account bill or any monies owed to Drew University by the due date, Drew University may place a financial hold on the student's account, which can result in cancellation of classes and/or suspension of eligibility to register for future classes at the University.