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Grade Point Average

Only work completed at Drew is included in the computation of the average. Grade points are assigned as follows to each credit hour attempted on a graded basis: A = 4.00, A– = 3.67, B+ = 3.33, B = 3.00, B– = 2.67, C+ = 2.33, C = 2.00, C– = 1.67, F = 0.00.

No other grades are included in the computation of the grade point average.

The grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing the total grade points earned from grades on the A to F scale by the total number of credit hours attempted.

Calculating a GPA

  1. Multiply the number of class credits by the numerical equivalent of the grade (above).

    • e.g. HIST 601, 3 credits A-, multiple 3 X 3.67 = 11.01

  2. Sum the number of credits taken at Drew (exclude transfer credit, Pass/Fail, W grades, and repeats).

  3. Sum the results of step 1 (numerical grade equivalent).

  4. Divide the total numerical equivalent of the letter grades by the total hours taken at Drew.

  5. The result is the GPA.