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Student Education Records

Drew University students have the right to access, and the assurance of privacy for their Drew educational records. These rights are in keeping with Public Law 93-380, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (also known as the Buckley Amendment), and University policy. The full text of Public Law 93-380 and a full statement of Drew University policy and procedures with respect to student education records are on file and may be consulted in the Offices of the Registrar, the Dean of Campus Life and Student Affairs, and in the Office of Student Financial Services. See the Drew University official FERPA policy on the Registrar’s page.

The Caspersen School publishes the following schedule pertaining to the retention of student records:

An academic folder will remain “active” until the student has been graduated or withdraws. Then it will become inactive and will be stored for a period of an additional five years. Then it will be offered to the University Archives. Capstone essays will be retained electronically for at least one year after their disposition by the Graduate Academic Standing Committee. Language examinations will be retained for one month after the grades are reported to the Graduate faculty. Program related documents are kept in a student’s academic folder and are subject to conditions explained above. All documents pertinent to financial aid are kept in the Financial Services office for seven years.

It is University policy and Registrar’s Office procedure that the adjustment of academic records cannot be made once the official Academic Record has been sealed. The sealing of a record occurs when a student has completed their academic relationship with the University. This can happen via completion of a degree program or withdrawal from a degree program. The adjustment of a record cannot be made once the inactivation of a record has been complete; graduation or full withdrawal. As such, an appeal cannot be made to this regard. All information on a sealed academic record is final.